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Raising children in the digital age provides unique challenges for parents.

As adults we hope to see our children graduate high school and move on to have well-paying jobs. We also hope our children learn healthy coping skills to navigate our growingly challenging world. Threatening our young people’s success is the easy availability of new and potent drugs, and their targeted advertising.

While marijuana is now legal for adults 21 and over to use recreationally, its use by teens can derail their growth and development into the champions we want them to be. The harms of marijuana are often hidden, behind messages touting its plant basis and potential medicinal properties. But as marijuana contributes to DUIs, hospitalizations, and incarcerations, we have no choice but to be blunt about the impact of marijuana on our youth, our families, and our communities.

Here at, we seek to empower parents with nothing but the facts about teen marijuana use. You can find research-supported information about marijuana’s impacts on our youth, our families, and our communities in Richmond, California and the surrounding cities. We hope the information provided will help you in starting the conversation with your child about the importance of abstaining from using drugs at a young age.