AMPD Coalition

About AMPD

Established in 2014, the West County Alcohol Marijuana and Prescription Drug Coalition is a group of West County residents and local organizations committed to reducing the impacts of alcohol and drugs on youth.

AMPD brings together broad representation of the West County communities to:

  • PROVIDE a voice for the residents to express their concerns about the impact of alcohol and drug related problems

  • EDUCATE residents and local officials about the relations between alcohol availability and alcohol related problems

  • FIND SOLUTIONS and resources to combat illegal and nuisance activity associated with sale and use of alcohol and drugs

  • BUILD the leadership skills of our residents through trainings from leaders in public health

  • CREATE policy, systems and environmental change

  • CONDUCT outreach and education to local community-based organizations

  • DEVELOP strategic plans to identify problems in the community

AMPD Mission

Uniting West Contra Costa County in reducing underage substance use through prevention education, awareness, training, policy, and enforcement.

We shall build a collaborative, respectful coalition to:

  • Reduces alcohol, marijuana, prescription drug abuse; opiate use and abuse

  • Limit sales of youth oriented alcohol and/or single serve cans

  • Form youth and adult partnerships 

  • Use community education to further the work of environmental prevention strategies, use of social media marketing

  • Builds youth leadership